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I photographed this panorama on Kippendavie in the spring of 2007. The six houses were replaced with this 57 unit building which was completed this year.

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6 panels shot spring 2009


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I lived on Kippendavie prior to the new building. Looking at those houses, now gone, I realize that I actually knew the people who used to live in them. Will those who live on Kippendavie now get to know the residents of the new building? I doubt it and there goes the genuine community. I got to know the people in the houses because I spoke to them and they spoke to me, as I walked up the street to Queen. They would be outdoors doing their gardening, sitting in lawn chairs, watering their lawns, playing with their kids etc. People living in condos typically don’t do any of those things and therefore don’t get to know those who live on the same street. Yes, indeed, the character of the Beach is changing.

I respectfully disagree. People who live in condos don’t play with their kids? Seriously? Condo dwellers are as integrated in the community as any other residents, perhaps moreso. They greet their neighbours on the street and are involved in community activities. I notice that you made no mention of the other long existing multi-unit buildings on Kippendavie. Is that because only condos are evil?

Gone is the house with the pigeon coop out back. The pigeons were let out to do their loop de loops daily in this long time Toronto tradition. Gone is the English courtyard at the back of the stylishly renovated white house in the middle. Gone is the flower garden at the north end of the lot, that was on a Toronto Garden tour. The gardener would give away flower seeds to passersby.
All that is gone and that is the character that is missing.

It is doubtful if any lawn chairs, kids at play or seed sharing will be done at that wee stretch of landscaped grass. That can take place on the roof top patio complete with a hot tub in the sky.

Gone too is the rain water absorption that the lawns provided. Good luck with that under ground parking! Of course not all owners in the new development have a parking spot, giving the street permit parkers plenty of opportunities to integrate with the community as they find their parking spot for the night.

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