5 minutes – 5 questions

In this issue Melinda interviews Ed Harrison, the Group Commissioner for the 35/37th Scouting Group on the 100th anniversary of the troop (see above). While we had him on the phone, I thought I’d ask him the 5 Questions.

1. What is your favourite place in the Beach? – “I would say probably the boardwalk around Ashbridges Bay.”
2. What’s your favourite meal? – “Italian… pasta dishes mostly.”
3. Cat or dog? – “I like dogs, but cats would be my preference. We had a tabby once.”
4. What is your favourite movie? – “War Horse. If I were you I’d see the movie first, then go see the play at the Princess of Wales Theatre. The movie gives you a better context to help you relate to the play.”
5. What are you planning for Thanksgiving? – “We’re going to have the family over… our two sons and their families. Both boys went through the Scouts.”

I thought you might be interested in what our Bottom’s Up columnist, Edward Finstein, AKA Dr. Wineknow, had to say. (I purposefully didn’t ask him the question about beer, wine or whisky because you just know he’d say “all of the above.”)

1. What is your favourite place in the Beach? – “I love sitting on the rocks by the water, sipping a coffee, just gazing out to sea, as it were. It’s soothing and allows me to contemplate life, and often work out writing ideas. I also enjoy sitting at the numerous cafés along Queen Street to watch the endless parade of fascinating folks stroll by.”
2. What is your favourite meal? – “A tough question for a food/wine geek! If I had to choose one, it would probably be a smorgasbord; fresh veggies, cured meats, cheeses, paté, crusty gourmet bread, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic glaze…Not exactly a gourmet meal, but the peasant in me has spoken. A nice, medium-bodied Italian red wine would play this choice admirably.”
3. Cat or dog? – “I grew up with a dog, but when I got older and much busier, and started to travel a lot, a dog didn’t fit my lifestyle. On a whim, many years ago, I got a cat, and became an afficionado. We have a cat right now, Pepper, who thinks she’s a dog. I’ll always have a pet in my life.”
4. What is your favourite movie? – “That would be a toss-up between the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup, and Some Like It Hot.”
5. What are you planning for Thanksgiving? – “Going up to my brother-in-law’s cottage in Parry Sound where we’ll be wining a turkey on a spit over charcoal. Lots of interesting vino to wash that sucker down!”

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