Tips for getting back in the swing of school

Back to school can seem like such a drag with all the having to get up early again every day, homework, teachers who don’t understand, and more. It’s stressful to have to go back to school, whether you’re in 5th grade, 12th grade, you always get those first week jitters and excitement.

But, when those jitters wear off, is when the exhaustion and complaining kick in. In hindsight, the more you put in, to anything, the more you will get out. So here are some tips to help you have, and continue to have, the best years in school.

Wake up and get stuff done. Turns out, those five more minutes don’t make you less tired, they only make you more late. So, set your alarm clock. Make sure you have enough time to finish your routine without being rushed.

School can seem like the biggest hassle, but if you start your day off with the right attitude, chances are you’ll be happier the rest of the day. It is also very disrespectful for your teachers if you show up late to class. If you are notoriously late, set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier (or more if you are fussy like I am), so you have more time in the morning.

It sounds cliché, but if you’ve got time, set out clothes the night before. My parents have been telling me this for years, and I never did. But it really shaves time off the morning rush if you know what you’re going to wear.

Another trick for the morning is to actually get breakfast foods that you like, and that will fill you up. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so try and stay away from sugary cereals that will make you crash by second period, and try yogurt and granola with berries, or toast with Nutella and a banana.  When your body is fueled, it’s more ready to get things done and give it 100 per cent!

If you think your teachers are awful or if you are bored in class, make the most of it. You’ll have teachers you don’t see eye to eye with at any school you go to, and you just have to learn to do your work and complete assignments! If you get bored, like many of us do in lectures, simply try and take a note. It just so happens that if your teacher is talking about it, it’s probably important.

And finally, if you’re worried about bullying or hazing, don’t be. There will always be older students, classmates, teachers, guidance counsellors and faculty that can help.  Never be afraid to approach someone at your school if you are part of a bullying situation. Bullies are everywhere, and in school, they may seem unavoidable. But bullying is never right, and there should always be firm consequences. Don’t let someone else shape your opinion on school or any social situation.

With these tips and steps, we can all make this year a great one. Remember to respect your teachers, one another and yourselves. Get involved in school sports, theatre, or clubs, to make your time as an adolescent special and memorable.

Avery Johnstone is a student writer attending Malvern Collegiate Institute.

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