5 minutes – 5 questions

For this edition of 5 Minutes – 5 Questions I chose two Beach artists, both of whom are participating in upcoming art shows here in the Beach and in nearby Riverdale. You can read all about them in the Beach Arts Scene.

Marlene Pape is a member of the Beach Guild of Fine Art, and is in the upcoming Small Paintings for Small Spaces show May 25-27 at Kew Cottage.
1. What is your favourite place in the Beach? – “I like Menchies,” she said of the popular yogurt emporium. “I also like just sitting in the sand on the beach watching the water. It’s very therapeutic.”
2. What is the last movie you’ve seen? – “I don’t watch much TV or many movies. I think the last one was on the drug culture in Baltimore, called The Wire. I also recently saw The Help.”
3. What was the last book you’ve read? – “I usually only read while on vacation. On the last one I read The Help, and The Descendants.”
4. Beer, wine, or whiskey? – “I really don’t drink alcohol much, it causes headaches… but I do like to have Mojitos when I’m on vacation.”
5. Cat or dog? – “Oh definitely we’re dog people,” she said holding her daschund/bijon frise cross, Phoebe. “Befeore her we had a Yorkshire Terrier for 15 years.”
6. Heels or flats? – “Flats. My son often says, ‘Can’t you ever look fancy?’ He’s not impressed by my style.”

Roderik Mayne recently participated in the Spring Beach Studio Tour, and will be part of the upcoming Riverdale Art Walk, June 2-3.
1. What is your favourite place in the Beach? – “I would say the Leslie Spit. I like to cycle out there. It’s nice to see the yachts in the marina against the sunset.”
2. What is the last movie you have seen? – “Incredibly Loud and Exceedingly Close, the Tom Hanks film about the son who lost his father in 9/11.”
3. What is the last book you have read? – “I just finished Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants. It’s the first in a trilogy.”
4. Beer, Wine, or Whiskey? – “Beer. I like Sleeman’s.”
5. Cat or dog? – “Cat. We have two cats now, one indoor and one that likes to go out but stays close to the house. We used to have a male cat that liked to wander. He was once hit by a car, but then he disappeared. We think he was caught by the coyote.”

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