5 minutes – 5 questions

Last issue I mentioned that it might be time to tinker with the questions that I ask, maybe come up with some that draw more out of our ‘askees.’ We brainstormed around the office, and came up with a whole list of new questions, some of which might get the askees into trouble if they answered truthfully! This being a family-oriented newspaper, those were dropped. Over the next few issues I’ll mix the questions up, just to make it more interesting for you.

When thinking about people to call for this column, I thought I might dip into the Arts contingent of this creative neighbourhood. I gave Jennifer Cline a call. Jennifer has been one of the mainstays in the Beach arts community for many years. Her paintings have captured everything from the Jazz Festival to the Balmy Beach Club, and everything ‘Beach’ in between.
1. Your favourite place in the Beach? – “I’d say the Boardwalk in general, especially out at the point of Ashbridges Bay. It’s just amazing to see how it’s grown. It’s a fabulous retreat!”
2. What’s the last movie you’ve seen? – “My Week With Marilyn. It is an excellent movie, Michelle Williams was quite amazing.”
3. Beer, wine, or whiskey? – “Oh, wine, definitely. I tend to prefer white. I like the ‘chill factor’.”
4. What are you currently reading? – “I’m reading a book on Celtic history. It’s the story of the culture, and they did some amazing paintings!”
5. Cat or dog? – “Cat. I’ve always had a cat. I currently have one I got from a friend that stays indoors. My friend’s dog, though, is absolutely lovely.”
6. Heels or flats? – “Flats. I used to wear heels to work downtown, and I don’t know how I did it. To wear them now I’d have to practise around the house first.”

Mark Madigan owns and operates Total Renovations. Aside from his construction skills, Mark is also a fine musician.
1. Your favourite place in the Beach? – “I enjoy the end of the Boardwalk out by the Marina. My wife, Jane, and I love to walk around the point. We also enjoy the Glen Stewart Ravine.”
2. What is the last movie you’ve seen? – “Avatar. We have a copy of that and the family watches it over and over.”
3. Beer, wine, or whiskey? – “I prefer wine… red.”
4. What are you currently reading? – “I’ve got at least five books on the go right now on my bedside table. The one that comes first to mind is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Wisdom for Dads.”
5. Cat or dog? – “We have a cat named Oscar. He’s a short-haired tabby, and we got it from a ‘Free Kitten’ ad in Beach Metro News. There’s no more mice in this house!”

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