Partnership Power: None of us is smarter than all of us

Over the past eight months, we have been fortunate to meet some incredibly talented, creative, energetic and active groups in Ward 32.

One of the things I love to do is connect people with similar interests so they don’t have to go it alone. Strength in numbers! Here are some of the fantastic groups we have been connecting with to improve our community.

Beach Citizen of the Year, Marie Perrotta, is the visionary behind this inspiring charity that provides community-based day programs for adults with special needs. Pegasus helped us clean up Kingston Road this past spring for the Mayor’s Annual Clean Up. We never expected to see so many cigarette butts!
They also save us time, energy and money by delivering flyers for our events around different pockets in our ward. They specialize in the personal touch. Thanks, Pegasus!

Community Centre 55

Most residents in the ward get the warm fuzzies when they think of this centre – probably because their children went to Hamper’s Nursery School or the Counsellor-in-Training program or they helped deliver the Christmas baskets or they have been stuck on one of Gene Domagala’s 10-hour Historical Tours (just kidding, Gene).
CC55 has connected me with many neighbours and community programs. Debbie Visconti (the Go Getter who is trying to fill Bob Murdoch’s gigantic shoes) has invited us to utilize their centrally-located facilities for many meetings and workshops (Town Hall Vision, Jane Jacob’s Preservation Panel, Residents’ Association meetings, etc.). Their generosity and kindness is greatly appreciated. Way to go 55ers!

Malvern Collegiate Institute

It is amazing to meet so many people of all ages who attended Malvern. One of our Town Hall Vision teams, ‘Community Use of Schools’, has partnered up with Malvern so we are able to host some events in their gorgeous library (Town Hall Vision, Planning 101 Workshop, etc.).
Co-op programs are near and dear to my heart as I worked at the Collingwood local paper in grade 13 and loved the experience! We have connected with the Co-op teachers at Malvern and are hosting two students at City Hall this fall. This is the first time Malvern will send students to City Hall! Hopefully, they don’t become scared of politics. Rah, Rah Malvern!

Beach Guild of Fine Art
This talented art group has helped beautify our plain office walls and lift our spirits with their amazing works of art. Our Rotating Art Gallery changes every two months showcasing many of our local artists. Three other councillors are now doing the same in their offices with their local talent. We love copy cats!
If you are ever downtown and have a few spare minutes, feel free to pop into B28, 2nd floor to check out the latest pieces. Keep creating, Beach Guild of Fine Art.

55 Division
We have attended a few Community Police Liaison Committee meetings and are astounded at the diverse array of groups represented. It is the best way to find all the great initiatives happening in our neighbourhood. One stop shopping for information. Everyone shows such passion and enthusiasm for each other’s projects, the most recent being 55 Division’s skateboard park mural, which we’ve been invited to join. We are thrilled to assist any way we can. People in blue rock!

East Toronto Climate Action Group is a key environmental group in our ward. They have promoted Backyard Farming at our recent Environment Day, mentored our new Ward 32 Greening group, watered our colourful community gardens and helped promote local green shops (i.e. Zero Point, Better Bulk, farmers’ markets). Being Tree Huggers, they also helped out with our recent Upper Beach Tree Tour with LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests). Hug (and water) a tree sometime soon! Go Greenies!

Main Square
The residents at Main Square are sometimes forgotten. We are trying hard to keep them in the loop for all our exciting Ward 32 events. We have connected with key community sparks in the buildings and met with the owners.
At our Main Square Town Hall meeting, we recorded a heap of ideas. On July 23rd, we planted a flower garden with residents and also helped DECA (Danforth East Community Association) run a bike tune-up workshop. Power to the people at Main Square.

Stay tuned to learn more about partnerships we have developed with other dynamite groups like our local residents’ associations, BIAs, service clubs, etc.
Give us a ring if you have a project you’d like us to help out with.
The more the merrier!

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